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Airbus No.100 for China Eastern

China Eastern Airlines has taken delivery of its 100th Airbus aircraft, an Airbus A320, becoming the first carrier operating an Airbus fleet over 100 aircraft in China as well as in the whole Asia Pacific region.

“During the past two decades, we have enjoyed a close relationship with Airbus
and benefited from Airbus’ non-stop innovation in aircraft design, manufacturing and the commonality of the Airbus family of aircraft. These advantages not only help strengthen our operational efficiency but also remarkably reduce our costs in aircraft maintenance, fuel consumption and pilot training,” said China Eastern Airline Chairman Li Fenghua, “Today’s 100th Airbus aircraft delivery opens a new phase of the mutually beneficial cooperation between China Eastern Airlines and Airbus.”

China Eastern Airlines, the first Airbus operator in China, took delivery of its first Airbus, an A310, in June 1985, which marked the beginning of Airbus entry into the Chinese market. By the end of August 2005, China Eastern Airlines has built up the largest Airbus fleet in China, including aircraft from the A300/310 family, the A320 family and the A340 family. China Eastern was also the first Airbus A319 operator and first A340-600 operator on the Chinese Mainland. The airline also has 20 A330-200 and A330-300 aircraft on order.