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Spa site goes interactive

Le Blanc Spa Resort is making booking a holiday to the property more accessible by utilising the resort’s new interactive website.  The Le Blanc web site, was designed as an extension of the current ad campaign to ensure all branding efforts for the all-inclusive resort are integrated across all marketing divisions.

The new user-friendly site features the current print advertising campaign’s slogan, “As Close to Perfect as Humanly Possible,” which reinforces the ‘clean minimalist and upscale feel of Le Blanc’.

“This property is the answer to the growing demand for upscale resorts in the Cancœn market,” said Maira Briceno, Director of Marketing for Palace Resorts. “It’s only fitting that we have a beautiful and state-of-the-art website that speaks to the high level of service that visitors can expect when they stay at Le Blanc Spa Resort.”