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Barbados: dive in

Caribbean-bound underwater explorers have a new means of getting a detailed look at the underwater adventures awaiting them in Barbados in a new limited edition, customised version of the first-ever Barbados Dive Guide. The 187-page book is authored by Lucy Agace and published by Miller Publishing, Barbados, and supported by Atlantis Adventures, a leading provider of adventure tours, including submarine dives, power snorkel tours and land excursions in Barbados.
The Barbados Dive Guide identifies every major coral reef around Barbados and highlights renowned Clarke’s Reef. The guide is a must-have for scuba dive enthusiasts, submariners and anyone wanting to learn about the fascinating world beneath the waves.

The Barbados Dive Guide is being retailed at the Atlantis Submarine retail store in the Shallowdraught, Bridgetown, Barbados and 11 Ganzee retail stores on the island.

Atlantis Adventures Barbados General Manager Roseanne Myers said of the new guide;

“To finally have a dive guide that provides dramatic pictures and facts about Barbados’ spectacular visual underwater world helps to promote that Barbados has a beautiful, but fragile, environment to protect.”

To further knowledge of undersea life in Barbados, Atlantis Submarines has donated 50 copies of the book to the Barbados Ministry of Education.


“Atlantis’ educational program called ‘The Living Classroom’, sanctioned by the Ministry over the past 18 years, will be greatly enhanced by the new guide,” Myers said.

“Schools will now have access to interesting facts and photos that bring to life Barbados’ special undersea world.”