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SITA expands self-service portfolio

SITA INC today announced a
further expansion of its self-service portfolio with the introduction of a new
web-based check-in IT application specially developed for Swissport, the world’s
leading aviation service group.Bruno Frentzel, Senior Vice President, SITA INC, speaking today at the European
Regional Airlines (ERA) General Assembly, said, “Our customers who include over 370
airlines, are very interested in this product which we are providing initially to a
major European-based carrier with the expectation that many others will follow once
it goes live.

“Along with our CUTE and common-use kiosk solutions, it fits in with SITA INC’s
vision for simplifying travel and transportation, specifically reducing costs,
optimising assets and empowering the passenger. Web check-in will mean dramatic cost
savings on check-in for airlines.”

This web check-in solution, and allied technology for common-use kiosks, will be
deployed soon in the US and Europe, as the first tangible fruits of the partnership
forged earlier this year between Swissport, the world’s biggest ground handler, and
SITA INC, the main provider of IT solutions to the air transport industry. 

“This solution is ideal for our ground handling customers. It is a perfect way to
draw congestion away from the airport. It should greatly improve the passenger
experience,” said Bruno Riesen, Chief Information Officer of Swissport.

“Web check-in is based on the very latest software technology as used in common-use
kiosk check-in.  Passengers will be able to go to the airline’s web site and check
in for their flights.  They can choose their seat, print their boarding pass, and
then simply go to the drop-off location where one of our agents will print their
baggage tags and take their luggage,” Riesen explained.


SITA INC and Swissport are particularly interested in discussing the application
with regional airlines as most of them do not have this capability at present.

“It doesn’t matter any longer whether you are a major international carrier or a
regional airline, the very latest technology is now available to you and airlines
can choose to have it on a pay per use basis. This brings the average cost of
check-in down from $3.68 per passenger to a few cents, and frees up check-in staff
to focus on productivity in other areas,” said Bruno Frentzel.

Sita and Swissport are both enthusiastic about the state-of-the-art web check-in
solution.  “It’s a must for operational efficiency, for example you don’t have to
worry about ticket and boarding pass printers, and you save on paper. You’re moving
more responsibility onto the passengers who welcome the possibility to arrive at the
airport feeling more relaxed about their travel arrangements,” said Swissport’s
Bruno Riesen.