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Distinguished Brand Grows Stronger

Distinguished Hotels International
, a hotel marketing and management consortium with over 130 upscale properties in 20 countries, is continuing its foray into further strengthening its brand in Europe with the opening of a new sales office in Milan, Italy, the appointment of a regional sales manager based there, and the hiring of Parker Company as new sales representation covering France and Belgium.
“Our expansion efforts combine superior, experienced local support with our distinct and highly-reputable global operation,” said William Burruss, Jr., president of Distinguished Hotels International.Ê “These appointments follow suit with our plans for aggressive worldwide growth as we go beyond Europe and look to other regions such as North America,” he added.
ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ Valerio Aldera has been named the regional sales manager for Italy, and she will run the new sales office, which will be located at the Hotel Litta Palace Lainate, close to the center of Milan and one of the newest members of the Distinguished Hotels’ portfolio.Ê The office’s convenient location allows for tremendous growth of leisure and business travel to member hotels in Europe.Ê
Paris-based Parker Company has been tapped to provide support to existing hotel members in France and Belgium as well as spearhead efforts to expand membership in these two countries.Ê Patricia de Diusse, one of the principles of Parker Company, will act as Distinguished Hotels’ regional director and liaise with member properties to ensure the optimum development of international marketing and distribution endeavors.