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Havana Club Rum Museum Displays History

The model of La Esperanza Sugar Cane Factory is one of the main attractions of the tour at the Havana Club Rum Museum. It is a
model of model maker and designer Lázaro Eduardo Garc’a Driggs.
The idea emerged in 1993, at the initiative of historian Eusebio Leal, to recreate the boom of the sugar cane industry on the Island during the 1930’s.

Working very closely or with the department of restoration and preservation at the City Museum, I was overwhelmed when I visited the Camilo Cienfuegos Sugar Cane Factory, formerly Hershey, and based my design on it”, commented Garcia Driggs.

“The model works with analogical controls and operations are made like in real life”, he added.

Today, Garc’a Driggs is working to make the tour more dynamic around the factory. It can offer a 45-minute show with unrepeated operations. In the future, he also aims to increase the number of trains and lines.

A model maker since he was a child and professional since 1985, Garcia Driggs has been featured in different specialized publications from the United States, Spain, Brazil, England and Cuba.