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WTO Declaration Against Bali Bombings

Delegates from 80 countries attending the World Conference of the World Tourism Organization on “Tourism Satellite Account (TSA): Understanding Tourism and Designing Strategies” that is being held at Igauzu from 3-6 October, hosted by the Governments of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, unanimously endorsed the following motion regarding the recent bombings in Bali, Indonesia:
á Delegates denounce in the strongest terms possible the despicable and cowardly acts of terrorism against innocent civilians and visitors, á Expresses sincere condolence with the families and friends of the deceased who lost loved ones, á Convey their solidarity to the Government, Local Authority and People of Indonesia and assure them of their support and assistance, á Confirm their confidence in the ability of the Authorities to respond appropriately in the most effective way, á Encourage WTO to provide the same assistance as after the bombings in 2002 and after the tsunami,á Are convinced that the tourism industry has the strength and resilience to bounce back as it has done before and will continue to provide jobs, income and a better future for the people of Bali and Indonesia.