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Orbitz Builds New Online "Game" Community

Orbitz has launched of, a website dedicated to extending the fun of their popular, original series of online game ads. This website will allow new and loyal Orbitz gamers to interact with the brand in one easy-to-find Internet destination.

Soon after launching in 2001, Orbitz launched “Pluck the Chicken.” The goal of this first interactive challenge was to get the chicken to roll over and lay a Golden Egg that opened to reveal “Orbitz”.

Orbitz has continued to promote its pop-under ads, with the online games growing in their sophistication and popularity. Not only are player interaction rates high - the average game play time is an astounding 3.5 minutes spent with the brand - Orbitz gamers have also sent over 1.8 million “tell-a-friend” referral emails recommending a visit to the Orbitz site over the past year.

As a result of its success, Orbitz is launching this dedicated games site to build an online community of Orbitz enthusiasts who will connect with the brand when they are thinking about travel ... and even when they are in “non-travel mode”. The goal is to make “the Orbitz experience” a happy moment in everyday life and to build an affinity with people who come to to book their travel.