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Opodo CEO Says “Being Number One Isn’t the Be All and End All”

During the PhoCusWright Executive Conference, Simon Vincent, CEO, Opodo, outlined Opodo’s key strategy in moving forwards to transform the business after what has been a turbulent year for the online intermediary.
Opodo, apparently short for “opportunity to do”, recently acquired French Internet travel agency Vivacances and has expanded from three to nine markets in the last eight months, trending towards a billion euros in gross sales in 2005.

Simon stated that Opodo have developed a supplier friendly hotel and accommodation model. Opodo will be going for growth in the core package holiday market and is aiming to develop customer intimacy across Europe.

Although Opodo do not currently have plans for expansion outside of Europe, Simon stated: “You can’t ignore growing opportunities in the Middle East or Asia”.

During the Q & A session, moderater Philip E. Wolf, PhoCusWright’s President, pointed out: “You have a presence in nine European markets - and in none of them are you leading -  you are number four.” In response to this observation, Simon commented: “We’ve transformed the business, we have scale and we have put ourselves solidly among the top three online intermediaries”. He added: “Being number one isn’t the be all and end all”.