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New Responsible Travel Website Launches

Entrepreneur Tom Savage has launched a new responsible tourism website,, to offer a range of eco-tourism holidays to quality destinations across the world. Amongst the adventures on offer through Travelroots are kayaking with killer whales in Canada, horse safaris in a reserve in South Africa, and scuba-diving in a marine park in Indonesia. All 100% guilt free!

Tom Savage, Travelroots’ founder and previously the founder of award-winning conservation charity Blue Ventures, said: “I wanted to showcase holidays that gave people a chance to do everything they would normally do on holiday and more in a socially responsible way. The journey you’ll take with Travelroots will be about discovery and about putting something back as well as getting a better holiday. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a water fanatic or simply looking for a relaxing retreat, Travelroots will try to offer something for everyone.”

Many developing countries rely significantly on tourism. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the industry employs 214 million people worldwide, accounting for around 10% of global GDP.  And yet irresponsible tourists and large-scale developments can devastate animal habitats, indigenous cultures and fragile natural resources such as beaches and coral reefs. Tourism facilities are frequently located in areas of outstanding natural beauty or ecological significance. Failure of tourists and tour operators to conduct themselves in a responsible and sustainable manner can have devastating results on the natural environment and inhabitants. The launch of Travelroots coincides with growing concern for the environment, demonstrated through the G8 summit and the Commission for Africa. Eco-tourism aims to minimise the negative impact of tourism, and, where possible, actually help conserve the environment and preserve culture.

Savage continued: “Now the possibility of seeing and experiencing things you never thought possible, stretching yourself and most importantly, leaving a positive impact on the people and places you visit is easier than ever before. Travelroots will take you into a genuine interchange with the local environment and culture, giving you a deeper appreciation for the diversity of our world. Hosts who care about their natural environment are much more likely to offer you a better holiday and we have selected our destinations carefully to reflect this. ”

When choosing resorts, Travelroots looks for originality, commitment to the local environment, family-run establishments, uniqueness, local guides, knowledge of the area, comfort, and beauty. Its aim is to provide you with the opportunity to explore, learn, and stretch yourself, before returning back to the chaos of everyday life, stimulated and fulfilled.