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Sandals Helps to Save St. Lucian Reef

The Sandals Dive Team has recovered rubbish weighing more than 500 pounds -
equivalent to two baby elephants - from the reef at La Toc, St Lucia.

The 12-strong team spent two hours collecting bottles, golf balls, plastic
bags and other waste from the reef, in support of Project Aware - the dive
industry’s environmental organisation, as part of the activities for
International Cleanup Day.

The crew recovered enough rubbish to fill 17 large bags. Among the items found
were 3,400 plastic bottles; 200 golf balls; 30 plastic bags; and 10 pairs of
Anthony Leonce, Dive Centre Manager for Sandals Resorts in St Lucia, led the
mission. He says:

“Too often, rubbish is not put in wastebins, but is simply
thrown onto the street or into the river. Waste in the river then flows into
sea, where the reef acts like a giant magnet, drawing tons of rubbish to it.
“Sandals will continue to support reef cleaning and other aquatic
environmental initiatives, but it is also important to educate people about
the consequences of not disposing of rubbish properly.
“People need to understand that if they make an effort at home, they will
ultimately be protecting the beautiful underwater scenery that St Lucia is
famous for.”