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Flight Tracker Service Becomes Available to Public

Zoom And Go has signed a deal Flight Explorer Fast Track which will enable the general public as well as customers to track commercial flights in the U.S. and Canada.
Customers can check on the progress of an arriving or departing commercial flight. Flight Explorer Fast Track data includes a graphic of the aircraft position on a map of the US or Canada, departure and arrival times, in-flight information (altitude, ground speed, time remaining in flight) and weather information for the origin and destination airport.

Walt Kross, CEO of Flight Explorer, said, “Zoom And Go is a first class travel site that has worked hard to differentiate itself from the competition. I’m very pleased that it has included Flight Explorer Fast Track in its site and given customers another reason to return to Zoom And Go.”

“When we looked into the possible options for allowing our users to track flights from our site, we chose Flight Explorer Fast Track because it has the best graphical interface on the market and provides a feature set you can’t find elsewhere,” said Jonathan Haldane, president and CEO of Zoom And Go. “Our users have told us they love using it and that it is one of the more popular things we’ve recently added to the site. Flight Explorer Fast Track increased the services we offer to our community on and it has provided an added value to our users that has been very popular. It has also helped increase the stickiness of our site, the amount of time visitors spend there.”