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Lodging Interactive Supports New Dot Travel Domain

Lodging Interactive is providing free pre-authentication assistance for the registration of the soon to be launched top level domain, .Travel. Lodging Interactive will assist hoteliers in organizing and completing the required pre-authentication process to secure a .Travel domain name as well as registering approved .Travel domain names.

“Our clients have come to us with many questions regarding the pre-authentication process and how they can secure a new .Travel domain name. As a result, in addition to assisting our clients with the pre-authentication process we felt there would be value in extending our assistance to the lodging industry,” said DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s president and CEO.

We believe that the new .Travel domain designator will become a very important element separating travel from other Internet transaction services. Having the .Travel domain designation will help both Internet travel sellers and buyers by pre-qualifying the sellers and clarifying the service category for the buyers.

Lodging Interactive has formed an alliance with Stargate which is an official Accredited Registrar for .Travel. Registering a .Travel domain name is a two step process. All registrants must first be authenticated by an Authentication Provider. Once the registrant is confirmed, they receive a Unique Identification Number which demonstrates proof of their eligibility. Upon receiving the hotel’s Unique Identification Number, Lodging Interactive will submit the .Travel registration to the Registrar for finalization.