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Oro Verde and Ecuador - a Must For Modern Day Explorers

If you wish to stay in style in the South American county of Ecuador then a name that is synonymous with luxury and panache is the Hotel oro verde. Located in the commercial and banking area of Guayaquil, Ecuador, the hotel has played host to some high-ranking world figures including George Bush and ex U.S. President, Bill Clinton. Following a recent renovation, the hotel has become recognised as the most modern in the city, offering guests a combination of European expertise and warm Ecuadorian hospitality. Nominated for Ecuador’s Leading Hotel at this years World Travel Awards, to be hosted at London’s Royal Opera House, BTN has this Exclusive interview with Oro Verde’s Jorge Morales M. He tells BTN what sets the hotel apart from other nominees and what it is that makes Ecuador a ‘must’ stop for modern day explorers.

BTN: Why would winning a World Travel Award be so important to Oro Verde?

Jorge Morales:

Winning an award will be very important because we are nominated for all the categories in which we have been offering our world-class services. I am positive that we are doing something very well because the nominations are founded on the opinion of experts in the travel sector.

Winning this award will represent a distinction for our trajectory, effort, employees, stockholders, of course our clients and our country Ecuador. We are an Ecuadorian hotel and we are proud of that, we have now 24 years of being the number 1 in Ecuador and this nomination is simply confirming that.


What is it that deems Oro Verde a World Travel Award potential winner?

It would have to definitely be our prestige; we have been offering the best, most personalised service in Ecuador for the past 24 years. We were the first 5 star hotel and the only European service oriented hotel in the city of Guayaquil. Since that time we are also the only member of the Leading Hotels of The World.

In a world of so many options, and in one where there is little left to be discovered, why would a traveller choose Ecuador as a holiday destination: What does Ecuador offer that other South American countries does not?

This is a very interesting question; you have said in a ‘world where there is a little left to discover’. For that very reason Ecuador is a superb destination to explore. For people that want to know new places, Ecuador is the perfect destination.

If you compare Ecuador kilometer by kilometer to other destinations it is one of the most diverse countries in the world. If you want to visit South America for example and want to visit more than one country and don’t have the time or the budget, you can choose to visit Ecuador and I can assure you that you will find the best of South America in one destination.

Another advantage is that every destination is no more than 1 hour flying distance and we have four worlds here in one. Andean (mountains), Beaches (coast), Amazon (jungle) and the fantastic Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands are one of the best-known tourist destinations of Ecuador, and are a really unique place. However, believe me, it is not the only treasure that this gifted country has.

You have to add to this blend the natural wonders of Ecuador, the Ecuadorian people, they are the kindest hosts a traveller could wish to discover.

Is it possible to combine a multi centre holiday in Ecuador ranging from culture, to fine dining, beach holidays and adventure tourism?

Of course, as I mentioned before this country is small but has good roads that connect all the provinces in a very short time by car, this makes Ecuador a low budget destination too - making the country accessible to all.

A trip, if you choose to make it by car, will permit you to visit and feel the very untouched things of the different Ecuadorian locations and cultures, and experience the way of living that hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. This kind of road trip will allow the chance to enjoy adventure (rafting, kayaking, fishing, diving, biking, nature, amazing animal species, sights, a unique flora and fauna etc.)

Visitors will also witness our natural resources such as fruits and vegetables amongst other products that only this gifted territory has. For some visitors this is one of the wonders of this wonderful country.

When you travel what is the one thing that you personally cannot travel without?

I will never forget to get a good book and my computer. Also, I always take a complete guide of the country/city that I am visiting and a guide to the restaurants. This is a basic necessity, I always love to try the local food and customs.

Finally tell us a little more about your 25th anniversary celebrations?

Right now we are planning to have a big celebration next year for our 25th anniversary. For that reason I can’t tell you more details right now. However, believe me, it will be a big event with the main authorities of the country and special surprises for our clients not only on that date, but also for the whole month.

With thanks to Jorge Morales M.

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