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New Handsets Enhance Communication for International Travellers

Roadpost has unveiled the latest handset offerings for international subscription customers. The new handsets - the Nokia 3120, Motorola V186 and the Motorola V551 - deliver a number of enhanced features to suit the needs of international travellers, and are available through Roadpost’s subscription service.
(The Nokia 3120 is also available for rental customers). These new handsets replace the Nokia 6610 and Motorola V66 models previously offered by Roadpost.

Morris Shawn, president and CEO of Roadpost, says, “Roadpost is continuing to add value to the international business traveller by placing the latest technology at their disposal. These new cellular handsets provide a number of advanced capabilities that address the needs of travellers for more functionality and flexibility. In choosing these models, we are also able to provide a diverse cross-section of options that suit specific needs and/or budgets.”

All three lightweight models provide automatic GSM band searching, eliminating the need to manually adjust phones when travelling from location to location, as well as a built-in speaker phone for hands-free communication.


Designed for basic voice needs, the Nokia 3120 in the classic “stick” design, features a large color display, vibrating alert, alarm clock, phone book with up to 300 contacts, and can support text and picture messaging.



For the traveller needing enhanced data and multimedia capabilities, the Motorola V186 and V551 flip phones support broadband speed with EDGE (enhanced data for global evolution) for triple the normal voice and data capacity; MMS (multimedia messaging services) to allow delivery of pictures with voice, sound and text to other MMS capable phones; mobile Internet access; organizational tools; MPEG4 video playback; and a selection of advanced ring tones and Java video games. They also offer predictive text messaging using iTAP software that automatically provides common words in response to key presses. In addition, the V551 features an integrated digital camera, built-in picture phonebook, e-mail, and support for Bluetooth devices such as wireless headsets and PDAs.


The Nokia 3120 and V186 are priced at US$149 ($189 CDN) with the basic subscription service, or are free of charge with the purchase of any Roadpost airtime bundle. Purchase price for the V551 is US $279 ($349 CDN) with the basic subscription service, and US$149 ($189 CDN) when purchased with an airtime bundle. Phones come with a battery, power supply and international adapter.