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China Southern Expands Inner Mongolia

China Southern Airlines with the largest and most technically advanced airline fleet in The People’s Republic of China has expanded its route system to three new cities of Inner Mongolia.
China Southern has launched new services from Guangzhou to Hailar, Manzhouli, and Xilinhot—via Hohhot—in Inner Mongolia.
Hailar, Manzhouli, and Xilinhot are known throughout China as the Golden Triangle of the Grasslands. Located on the Hulunbuir and Xilin Gol grasslands, the three cities enjoy rich tourist resources and prosperous borderline trading with their northern neighbors in Russia and throughout Inner Mongolia.
Located on the Hailar River, Hailar is an agricultural production center on the Chinese Eastern RR. Formerly known as Hulun, Hailar consists of an old and a new city. The old section, founded in 1734 as a fort, is typically Chinese; the new section is a modern, industrial quarter. Hailar also serves as the administrative district in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia with a population of more than 209,000.
Manzhouli in the northeast of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, China, is strategically located on the Russian border. Heavy industry is the most important economic activity where the main industries include coal mining and food processing. Manzhouli developed after the 1903 construction of the Chinese Eastern RR and is a key customs station. Until recent times virtually all trade between China and Russia passed through there ... and trade with Russia remains vitally important to the economy.
Xilinhot is a city with more than 100,000 inhabitants in Inner Mongolia. The elevation is about 3,250 feet. The historic centre includes an artistic temple. Nadam Dahui, a Mongolian feast, is celebrated here every year and Xilinhot is a market where cattle are of particular importance.