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China Southern Chairman Talks Giving

China Southern Airlines has this week outlined its goals through its newly announced charitable giving programs. In a detailed interview, China Southern Airlines Chairman Mr. Liu Shaoyong outlined the airline’s programs.

“In an effort to give back to the Chinese people and our passengers, China Southern Airlines has devoted RMB 20 million (US$1.4 million) to create its `10 Fen’ Caring Foundation,” said Mr. Liu.

He explained, “Additionally, 0.1 yuan (10 fen) from each flight ticket will be devoted to the work of this foundation, which we expect will total approximately RMB 5 million per year, based on annual passenger turnover. In other words ... each time a passenger flies with China Southern, 10 fen will be set aside to help China’s needy. Truly this is a worthwhile goal. The fund will be used to support the improvement of China’s educational infrastructure, helping the impoverished and handicapped as well as providing aid during times of disasters and epidemics. The first donation has already been made to needy students of 11 universities throughout China.”
Mr. Liu said, “With 239 aircraft and more than 600 flight routes currently in operation, China Southern Airlines is honored to be the nation’s largest airline ... offering the largest fleet, the most widespread route network and most modern Airbus and Boeing air fleet in the Chinese mainland. As one of the backbone air carriers of the nation, China Southern is dedicated to offering the highest quality services to society and our valued customers. In 2004, we safely transported nearly 40 million passengers, which moved our airline into the Top 15 passenger airlines in the world.”
He added, “Over the years of constant development and improvement, China Southern is committed to building a harmonious society and carrying forward important human virtues, and this development fund is but one example of our ongoing commitment.
“Our previous charitable programs have included `Sunshine Youth’ (encouraging excellence in middle-school students); `Sunshine Act’ (part of our fight against SARS); `Affection Act’ (operating Spring Festival charter flights to Taiwan); as well as cash donations to building Hope Primary Schools in Hotan, Xinjiang and Yangshan in Guangdong Province. These all embody our corporate ethics and practical acts to give back to our customers and our nation.”
Mr. Liu concluded his comments by stating, “Knowledge is power, and the youth is the hope of the nation. China Southern’s Caring Foundation bears the love and expectation of our 40 million passengers and 40,000 employees. We believe that where there is love ... there is hope.”