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AgentWare Adds Corporate Choice

AgentWare has made extensive enhancements to its flagship product, Trip Console.

One of Trip Console’s many new features is Corporate Choice, which allows travel agents to access corporate online booking programs for airline Web portals. Users now have easy access to JetBlue’s CompanyBlue, Alaska Airlines’ EasyBiz and AirTran’s A2B corporate portals. By using Corporate Choice, travel professionals gain quick access to their business clients’ discount or negotiated fares.

“For agents using the Corporate Choice feature, this is the same concept as searching for bookings over the Web. But because it shows returns from a variety of searches on the same screen and with just one click, it saves them a tremendous amount of time and effort,” said Tim Porter, AgentWare’s Director of Product Marketing. “They don’t have to log in for each corporate portal, type in their search parameters and then wait for returns. We’ll capture the booking information for them and where they need it, so that they can push it to their back-office systems for solid corporate reporting.”

In addition to the increased functionality offered by Trip Console’s Corporate Choice feature, AgentWare now has more opportunities for travel professionals to earn commissions on their customer transactions. “We’ve significantly expanded our content offerings and now support more than 75 airlines, including six based in Brazil,” Porter said. “Every time we add more sources for fares and rates through Trip Console, travel agents gain more opportunities to find great deals for their customers and earn higher commissions.”

Earlier this summer, AgentWare also began distributing hotel inventory through Trip Console. Automated processes and seamless connectivity with reservation systems allow participating hotels to alter room availability and pricing in real-time, maintain their own rates, allocations and closed dates, and receive electronic booking confirmations.


“Through market research, we’ve identified the amenities that travel professionals examine the most when booking hotel rooms,” Porter said. “We’ve created icons for each that appear across the Trip Console entries for each hotel so that, with one glance, travel agents can immediately view what’s available at a particular location. They can also filter by these and, finally, they can book the hotel rooms directly from the Trip Console application.”