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Fraport Continues to Boom

Germany’s largest airport continued to boom in July; for the first time
in the history of the airport more than 5 million passengers were welcomed at
Frankfurt Airport. 5,002,618 passengers passed through this hub of
international air traffic - a 5.2 percent increase compared to the previous
year.Due to continuous growth the passenger figures in July effected a new
peak day record for 2005 at Frankfurt Airport. On July 30, 2005, a total of
181,032 passengers were registered within 24 hours. This count is only
approximately 1,000 below the existing record for a peak day which was set in
September 2000. Capacity utilization of aircraft at 75.4 percent likewise
effected a new record high seat load factor for the month of July. This
factor (75.4 percent) was 2.1 percentage points higher than in July 2004.
  Traffic to and from European locations was the main growth generator in
the vacation month July. Passenger figures for Spain, Italy, Greece and
Turkey grew briskly.
  Travel routes to the Far East - specifically China and India - were also
heavily frequented.
  The surge in airfreight traffic in July was even more dramatic than for
passengers. FRA handled 158,277 metric tons of airfreight in July 2005, an
8.3 percent increase compared to the previous year and, consequently, another
record July figure for FRA. Airfreight to and from Asia continues to boom.
Overall, the amount of airfreight handled in Frankfurt during the usually
more down period in the summer is currently at the same level as during the
peak period last October/November 2004.
  The phased closing of FRA’s overnight domestic airmail hub and connected
increased use of trucks to transport the mail effected the expected
significant minus of 21 percent to 7,389 metric tons. The number of aircraft
movements in Frankfurt increased by 3 percent in July 2005. The airport
handled 43,460 takeoffs and landings in July - another record for a single
month. The same applies for maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs), relevant for
airport charges, which registered 2.2 percent growth - climbing to 2,496,017
  The cumulated traffic results were accordingly positive for FRA during
the first seven months in 2005. The airport counted 29,759,999 passengers up
to the end of July. This is an increase of 2.4 percent compared to the record
year 2004. Airfreight tonnage for the first seven months of 2005 jumped by
7.9 percent, reaching 1,058,378 metric tons. Aircraft movements climbed by
3.2 percent from January to July to 283,240 takeoffs and landings. Maximum
takeoff weights (MTOWs) reached 16,236,156 metric tons (plus 4.7 percent).
  The statistics for most all Fraport Group Airports are likewise positive.
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) in the Hunsruck region continued its stable
growth. HHN served 295,479 passengers in July, an increase of 12.6 percent.
Hanover Airport (HAJ) registered 626,322 passengers in July, up 9.3 percent
and a new July record. Saarbrucken (SCN) reported 55,304 passengers, a 10.3
percent increase compared to July 2004.
  The Fraport passenger terminal at Antalya Airport (AYT) continued to
suffer due to the opening of a competitive new terminal. Only 656,834
passengers (minus 63.3 percent) passed through Fraport’s terminal. Some
553,908 passengers used Peru’s Lima Airport (LIM), an increase of 17.9
percent compared to July 2004.