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Delta Intensifies On-time Focus

When Delta Air Lines implements its fall schedule in September, customers will benefit
from even better operational reliability at the airline’s Atlanta hub. The
schedule builds on progress made in January when Delta implemented the largest
single-day schedule redesign in aviation history to improve on-time
performance, reduce airport congestion and enhance customers’ travel
experience at the world’s busiest airport.“The implementation of Delta’s fall schedule represents the continued
momentum of our transformation to be a highly efficient and customer-focused
airline,” said Jim Whitehurst, Chief Operating Officer. “The ongoing changes
at our Atlanta hub further support the objectives of our innovative Jan. 31
schedule redesign to improve on-time reliability, reduce airport congestion
and create a better airport experience for our customers. We are extremely
pleased with our results to date and are achieving additional efficiencies
that will improve our customers’ travel experience to, from and through our
hometown of Atlanta.”
  Beginning Sept. 1, Delta will put into action changes designed to build on
the efficiency gains achieved so far this year at Atlanta. The changes
    - Reducing to 45 minutes the minimum time narrow-body aircraft spend on
the ground between flights—achieving a 10-minute reduction year over
    - Making better use of aircraft by freeing the equivalent of eight
additional aircraft from the schedule—bringing to 39 the equivalent
number of Delta and Delta Connection aircraft freed this year for
schedule growth and fleet simplification; and
    - Adjusting flights in off-peak periods to better match capacity to
demand in the fall when air travel traditionally slows.

  Delta’s fall schedule expands efforts made since January to improve the
airline’s overall on-time performance and reduce customer wait times at
Atlanta. Thus far, Delta has reduced average taxi-out times in Atlanta by 4.5
minutes year over year and has improved its overall on-time performance at the
Atlanta hub by six percent—positioning Delta as the number one on-time
airline at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for 2005.
  To date, Delta estimates that it has achieved only a portion of the
operational benefits that can be gained through increased efficiency in
scheduling. As Delta progresses with its transformation, the airline will make
additional schedule changes in 2006 and beyond that will support more flying
while alleviating congestion and improving on-time performance.