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Improved Usability Leads to Increased Traffic for Travel Site has announced a significant increase in its online conversion rate following improvements in customer usability implemented by Usability by Design,
Usability by Design implemented a programme of web site evaluation and usability testing, running a series of focus group sessions and accessibility testing. It identified the main problems experienced by customers as they searched the site for a UK holiday and progressed their order through to the booking stage.

Following the web site tests Usability by Design recommended fundamental changes in the presentation of results as well as improvements to calendar selection, speed of results, navigation and price explanation. As a result,’s online conversion rate has increased by 25%.
“Our web site must reflect the high standards and quality of service people expect from,” said David Ranby the Internet Marketing Manager of He added, “We are delighted with the results of this improvement programme, our clients are able to find exactly what they are looking for easily and quickly. The conversion improvements are excellent, and we will be striving to make them even better.”
“The key to a successful web site is its usability, ” said Gary Bunker the CEO of Usability by Design. “The design, layout, ordering and checkout process needs to flow easily so that users can find what they want and place their order without fuss. As adds more content to the site we’ll be working closely with them to ensure that it maintains its high usability standards and continues to be the UK’s leading online travel service.”