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Dolphin Dynamics Launches Web Customer Service Model

Dolphin Dynamics has released the new Web Customer Service module for Dolphin Travel Manager. This latest addition to the Dolphin product range empowers travel agents to more effectively compete in the on-line world.
Dolphin’s Web Customer Service module enables travellers to see the full details of their trip simply by logging on to a web site; giving them access to essential travel information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Increasingly travellers expect their agent to provide the same kind of comprehensive on-line service that is offered by the big dotcom agencies. Small to medium sized travel agents cannot afford to build their own web technology to deliver this service and while the GDSs have offered travel agents basic functionality for some time, this is normally limited only to information that is handled by the GDS.

Dolphin’s new off the shelf alternative is accessible even to smaller agencies and improves on the GDS option by providing access to additional information, such as financial details about a booking (including full deposit and balance payment details), historical data and document dispatch information. By also providing details of products and services managed outside the GDS, Dolphin’s Web Customer Service gives travellers a complete picture of their trip with all the details available in one place. Travellers that misplace their itineraries, invoices or receipts can even reprint them from Web Customer Service any time without having to trouble their agent with this administrative task.

Roberto Da Re, Dolphin Dynamics President, said, “We are thrilled to continue to deliver technology that enables even the smallest travel agents to cut costs, provide superior service to their customers and more effectively compete in the ever changing world of travel.”