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UK Predicts Holidaying in Space and Weekend Jaunts in the Caribbean

Almost 50 per cent of Britons today predict that travelling to space for a holiday will be possible in the next 50 years, according to new research conducted by the Jamaica Tourist Board. The survey also revealed that people forecast holidaying in the future to include flying to the Caribbean for the weekend.

It seems that British holidaymakers have become more adventurous in their choice of holiday, perhaps boosted by the fact that nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) of us are able to spend more on holidaying than half a century ago.  Of those polled, 64 per cent wanted generations over the next 50 years to be able to fly to the Caribbean for a couple of days, as they do to Europe in 2005.

According to the nationwide search commissioned on the 50th anniversary of the Jamaica Tourist Board, space travel was hot on the list of holidays in demand, with 46 per cent of us preparing to launch into the cosmos whilst only 16 per cent guessed that package holidays on the moon would be available.

We Brits further envisage a new breed of travel including most jets being supersonic (31 per cent), check-in desks being abolished in favour of an online system (65 per cent) and luxurious pampering in the form of hair and beauty treatments being available on all flights (52 per cent).

Further key findings include:

á      A quarter of respondents (24 per cent) expect more people to be travelling by private jet in 50 years time

á      Only 8 per cent predicted a global language being spoken whilst a more significant 26 per cent thought that a single global currency might be in place

á      21 per cent of us making our way to the airport by helicopter


How Britons believe they will be travelling in 2055

1.    Check in on-line

2.    Fly to the Caribbean for the weekend

3.    Beauty treatments on the plane

4.    Travelling to space

5.    Using a single global currency

6.    Travelling by private jet

7.    Getting to the airport by helicopter

8.    Package holidays to the moon

9.    Travelling in automated planes, i.e. no pilots

10. People speaking one global language

David Shields, Deputy Director of Tourism, commented: “The adventurous streak of Britons is certainly revealed in this new report and who knows, maybe we will be flying to the moon for our annual summer holiday in 2055.

As the leading Caribbean destination we are constantly questioning travellers about their travel habits and our 50th anniversary gave us the perfect opportunity to look in particular about what people are hoping to expect in the next 50 years of travel.”