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23500 Evacuated in Riviera Maya Owing to Emily

As the fury of Hurricane Emily tore across the Caribbean and sped towards Mexico there is fresh communication from the the Riviera Maya region of Mexico, that there has been no loss of life reported and that the region’s main airport, Cancun International Airport, has been open since 9:00am this morning and is fully operational. There are reports that Hotels are operating and that there is minimal damage at first assessment. Electricity is out over most of the region due to downed power lines, there is limited phone service and roads are traversable.

The 23,500 tourists who are in the Riviera Maya are currently being returned to their respective hotels following earlier evacuation to shelters as a precaution.

All efforts are being made to restore electricity and running water to affected areas as quickly as possible. Bottled water, food and other vital provisions are well-stocked and being distributed to those
in need.

“We are extremely thankful to be able to assure the families and friends of travellers vacationing in the Riviera Maya that their loved ones are safe,” said Mr. Dario Flota, General Director of Tourism for the Riviera

“The fact that we appear to have emerged from Hurricane Emily relatively unscathed is a relief and a blessing. We will continue to
assess damage and pledge to continue to provide timely updates of the
region’s status.”