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Search Marketing Association Delivers Message of Intent

The Search Marketing Association (SMA),  announces its formal launch with the confirmation of its Executive Committee. SMA President Andy Atkins-Krüger   (MD of Web Certain Europe) and Vice President Mike Grehan (CEO of Smart Interactive) will head the committee, which comprises of the industry’s leading search experts.
Atkins-Krüger and Grehan were elected in a poll overseen by the Electoral Reform Society. Members cast votes to choose the President of the Association from the 8 members who had won seats on the Executive Committee in the previous election round.

The key objectives of the SMA are as follows:

? Improve search engine relationships

? Build a knowledge bank

? Apply best practice and standards

? Consider legal issues

? Stimulate training provision

? Improve liaison with Government

? Promote the search marketing industry

? Build and maintain the SMA web site

“Each member of the Executive Committee is to take responsibility for one of these objectives and develop a programme to address it,” said Atkins-Krüger. “The whole programme has been submitted to members for comment and feedback,” he added.

The SMA Executive Committee members are:


? Jim Banks - Web Diversity

? Jason Cartright - GCDM

? Simon Collingridge - Netsposure

? Teddie Cowell - Neutralize

? Shakil Khan - Active Med

? Barry Lloyd - MakeMeTop

Atkins-Krüger stressed the importance of member involvement, “Building an effective association which represents its members and their views is tough at the beginning. We have to ensure that we speak with a clear voice because the industry faces some tough challenges born of the tumultuous growth of the sector.”

Grehan added “We are committed to providing a dynamic association with strong, focused leadership pushing forward on behalf of its members. The SMA sets out to promote issues like training, advocacy and standards to stabilize this growing multi-million pound global industry. The great news is that our current membership already includes key people with a passion for search and that’s helping to build our momentum. We urge more people to join as a member and help strengthen the UK Search industry.”