Breaking Travel News Licenses VRX’s Hotel Content

VRX has entered into a one year licensing agreement with wherein they will use VRX’s extensive library of Hotel and Destination content to feature leading hotels and destinations from around the world on
Under the terms of the license agreement, HotelsbyCity will have access to VRX’s complete library of Destination Content that features popular destinations throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and North America and to VRX’s rapidly growing library of Hotel Content covering the leading three, four and five star hotels around the world.

“Our objective is simply to improve the process of searching and reviewing hotel options online,” stated Andrew Loewen, President and Co- Founder of HotelsbyCity. “In researching the available tools that help consumers research and select the accommodation options that best meet their needs, none are as effective, simple, and seamless as VRX’s. We are confident that VRX’s Hotel and Destination Content will help build consumer confidence, customer loyalty, and our online sales.”

VRX’s Hotel Program makes it possible for travel intermediaries, such as HotelsbyCity, to provide travel consumers with a consistent, high quality, in- depth view of hotels - views that consumers can rely on as being accurate and up to date at all times. Combined with VRX’s Destination Content, consumers are now able to virtually explore the natural and man-made wonders of each destination as well as thoroughly review and compare their hotel options. VRX’s Travel Content helps consumers book every vacation with greater confidence and certainty.

“HotelsbyCity and VRX share common ground on the importance of providing consumers with detailed and accurate information on their travel options,” stated David MacLaren, President and CEO of VRX. “High quality, reliable, and appealing visual content, such as our interactive maps, still images, and virtual tours, is a highly effective and powerful tool for delivering pertinent information to consumers. We believe that our Hotel and Destination Content is the best available and we continue to strive for this each and every day. We look forward to helping HotelsbyCity deepen the information they provide to their millions of viewers each month.”