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Southwest Expands Code Share With ATA

Southwest Airlines is expanding its codeshare agreement with ATA Airlines, with new
connecting service through Las Vegas.  Southwest will offer connecting flights
via ATA Airlines in Las Vegas to Honolulu from Albany, Amarillo, Hartford,
Kansas City, West Palm Beach, Phoenix, Reno, San Antonio, Seattle, Tulsa, and
Tucson.Service is available for booking now at or
through Southwest Airlines reservations at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.  Flights start
Aug. 4, 2005, and a range of fares is available, from low advance purchase
fares to unrestricted walkup fares.
  The codeshare means that Southwest and ATA Airlines will exchange
passengers and their checked baggage at Las Vegas McCarran Airport, with a
single ticketing option through either airline.  For example, a Customer who
wishes to travel from Albany to Honolulu will now have the flexibility of
booking the connecting service through either carrier.  The flight from Albany
to Las Vegas will be on Southwest Airlines, and then the Customer will connect
to ATA Airlines service at Las Vegas (and baggage will be transferred there as
well by the airlines’ Employees) for the continuation to Honolulu.
  Southwest Airlines started the codeshare service with ATA Airlines in
February by first offering connecting service in Chicago.  That relationship
was further expanded to include codeshare service through Phoenix.  Southwest
has estimated that the codeshare will generate $50 million in additional
revenue for the airline this year.