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Wyclef Drives The Crowd Crazy at St. Kitts Music Festival

By Ben Kilbey in St. KittsThere may have been rain in the air as internationally renowned artist Wyclef Jean got on stage at The Ninth Annual St. Kitts Music Festival - but that did not stop the musical wizard from firing up a set that blow all in attendance away.The past Fugees member played some of the groups material and hinted in a press conference that Lauren Hill was back in the recording studio and creating some great music.

He commented that, “you should save up your money to buy the new album.”

There is noise that there could be a reunion of the Fugees. their most influential and widly sold album ‘The Score’ shifted some 17 million copies worldwide.

Wyclef’s energy knew no bounds as he literally tore up the stage with an explosive set the brought a myriad of sounds and influences together in one tight and well executed musical trip.

The music festival came to a close last night with Kenny Rogers wrapping things up.


There is still no official dates for the release of Wyclef’s forthcoming album ‘Mardi Gras’.