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Tiscover Expands Online Activity for East of England

Tiscover has launched of a new website for the East of England marking the first step in a concerted effort by the East of England Tourist Board to increase its online activity.
The new website, , allows travellers to search for information on popular attractions and make real-time accommodation bookings across the East of England region - Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. Powered by the Tiscover05 system, the site can now be accessed in four languages, including German, French, Dutch and English.

Tiscover’s new technical solution also means that East of England’s content will be automatically distributed through and as part of the EnglandNet project.

Visitors to the East of England also have the ability to receive all information from the Tiscover-powered website through mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Trevor Hayward, marketing manager of the East of England Tourist Board, says: “We are already enjoying significant increases in consumer Internet traffic since we began working with Tiscover last year. We are confident that the launch of the new website will better serve visitors and result in increased revenue and better allocation of resources for the region’s tourism industry.”

Karsten Kärcher, executive director of Tiscover, adds: “The East of England Tourist Board is showing how working with Tiscover results in success. By keeping up-to-date with internet advancements and meeting the expectations of today’s savvy travel consumer, the region is doing what it needs to do to increase its slice of the tourism revenue pie in Great Britain. Tiscover is proud to be a partner in the development of the website.”