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Pegasus Selects Opsware for IT Automation

Pegasus Solutions selected Opsware automation as part of an enterprise strategy to automate the management of its information technology infrastructure.  The implementation of Opsware automation is expected to enhance Pegasus’ service levels. Pegasus is one of the first companies in the hospitality industry to implement this advanced technology.  Opsware automation is an integral component of Pegasus’ IT initiative to continually improve its data center operations. Opsware was selected for its proven scalability, cost savings and IT automation capabilities.

Opsware automation will play a key role in managing Pegasus’ complete IT lifecycle, including process and change automation, and ensuring rapid recovery of systems through its “Multimaster” capabilities. Pegasus will also use Opsware to improve its IT infrastructure for internal and external compliance and best practices policies, a priority for the company. Pegasus’ IT team is encouraged by the results that Opsware automation has yielded in preliminary testing, indicating an improvement in service levels to its customers.

“Opsware automation will play a critical role in our IT operations, providing scalability and advanced recovery capabilities,” said Mel Kemp, vice president of operations for Pegasus Solutions, Inc. “We expect Opsware to bring increased agility, efficiency and reliability to our IT infrastructure, allowing us to deliver dependable performance that meets our service level commitments for our customers,” he said.
“Thousands of customers worldwide rely on Pegasus for critical business activities, making efficient IT operations critical to their success and the success of Pegasus,” said Ben Horowitz, president and CEO of Opsware Inc. “Opsware’s powerful automation capabilities will enable Pegasus to more effectively scale its IT resources to meet the needs of its customers, providing a competitive advantage in an industry heavily focused on the quality of customer service.”