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Bonaire Appoint New Director of Tourism

The Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Director of Tourism, Ronella Croes. As Director of Tourism Ronella will be responsible for overseeing all marketing, public relations and advertising programs for Bonaire as well as its four tourist offices, which are located in Bonaire, The Netherlands, Venezuela and New York. Building her knowledge of the tourism industry Ronella has held positions at Aruba Adventures, a local Aruban company that organizes activities and tours, and the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA).

After working at AHATA, Ronella took a position in the marketing department of the Caribbean Telecommunications company, DIGICEL, nine months prior to its launch.  In this capacity she initiated all marketing arrangements for the company, helping it secure a large market share in a short period of time and setting an example of how an aggressive approach to marketing can be successful.

After aiding in the Aruba launch of DIGICEL, Ronella assisted other teams throughout the Caribbean with their respective launches. Always up for a challenge and wanting to become more involved in the tourism industry Ronella then took the position of Director of Tourism for Bonaire.

A native of Aruba, Ronella holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Marketing Management and Tourism from HBO Nederland, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Lincolnshire and Humberside.

“The growth of Bonaire’s tourism industry is definitely top on the agenda of TCB and hence it’s Board of Directors,” said Ronella Croes.


“There are many opportunities for Bonaire and to take advantage of them I will be working to ensure that all parties are working towards the same goal, to position Bonaire as attractively as possible in order to increase the island’s market share.”