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PASS Launches Virtual Travel Office

PASS Consulting Group has just announced the full deployment of their Virtual Travel Office, also known as PASS VTO.  PASS VTO provides travel agencies with the ability to evaluate and book travel options from GDS data or other sources from a single integrated screen.
“PASS VTO offers dynamic packaging as part of a profiling function which allows the travel agent to instantly match the exact needs of the traveler,” said Michael Strauss, CEO Pass Consulting Corporation.  “This means the agency has access to the most complete data filtered to the exact needs of the situation which saves the agency time while providing the best service and pricing to the customer.”

The PASS XX/1 online booking engine has multi-GDS functionality and integrates data from industry leaders such as Amadeus, Worldspan, Sabre and Galileo as well as direct connections to airlines and Web fares and displays all this data succinctly via the PASS VTO display.  “PASS XX/1 is the engine behind Cendant Travelport, e-travel by Amadeus, Worldspan Tripmanager abd XML Pro, so it is a proven success primed to drive PASS VTO users to new levels of ability,” added Strauss. 

The VTO package is very flexible.  For example, the VTO Profiling tool works in conjunction with virtually any CRM tool or customer databases.  Because the PASS VTO fare quote display is able to pull from all sources, it is able to include in-house private fares.  The fare display screen includes the margin on the fares, allowing the travel agent to present the most advantageous options. 

As a browser based interface, PASS VTO is easy to implement and integrate into currently used systems.  The graphical user interface can be customized as needed by the customer. 

To serve even the largest agency operation, the VTO solution can be used in conjunction with the highly acclaimed PASS XX/1 Multi-GDS Transaction Server and Internet Booking Engine as a total management solution.