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Hilton Sets New Distribution Standard

Hilton Hotels Corporation has introduced a new Distribution Standard and Online Accreditation Process, effective immediately. The new Standard provides that when a Hilton Family hotel opts to offer third-party online merchant or opaque inventory, the company requires them to participate solely with HHC Accredited Distributors.
“With our Distribution Standard and Online Accreditation Process, the Hilton Family of Hotels aims to build stronger relationships with third-party online distributors that offer better protection for our customers and brands, with flexible options and favorable terms for all our hotels - a critical mix in today’s business environment,” said Tom Keltner, president - brand performance and development group, Hilton Hotels Corporation. “Our Standard demonstrates our continued commitment to brand integrity, and further promotes consumer confidence across the entire Hilton Family of Hotels.”

Highlights of the Hilton Family of Hotels Distribution Standard and Accreditation Process include increased protection and value for the Hilton Family of Hotels over the long-term and are the first fully Accredited Distributors.,, and have received temporary Accreditation (and are actively working with HHC toward full accreditation status). This enables Hilton Hotels Corporation to implement the new standard with more than 80% of the third-party online merchant/opaque market.

“We are very pleased that and have worked with us to extend our relationship and become the first fully Accredited Distributors,” Keltner continued.

“In 2003, the Hilton Family was one of the first in our industry to announce a pricing integrity strategy across all booking channels, and followed up with the launch of Our Best Rates. Guaranteed.,” said Keltner. “Now, with our new Distribution Standard and third-party online Accreditation process, we continue to reinforce our promise to our hotels and our guests.”