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Cimber Air Joins UATP

Denmark-based Cimber Air is the latest
Scandinavian airline to join UATP’s Merchant base. Cimber Air now accepts
all UATP cards, issued by 15 airlines and accepted by over 200 airlines
worldwide. Cimber Air also holds strategic partnerships with UATP Issuers
Lufthansa (AirPlus) and Scandinavian Airlines Systems.

“Being a UATP Merchant enables Cimber Air to be more competitive in the
corporate travel sector, as well as lowering our distribution costs
through low merchant service fees,” said Lone Koch, Manager Business
Systems. “UATP is helping Cimber Air to reach its strategic goals of
growing our corporate travel sector and market share across the region.”

Cimber Air began operations in 1950 and is a 100% family-owned business.
Service and flights have significantly been increasing and expanding to
accommodate corporate travelers with service including destinations such
as Oslo, Stockholm, Munich, Brussels, from Billund, four Danish domestic
services and international flights to Basle, Wroclaw, Bucharest and

Cimber offers unique travel packages such as the FlyCAR program where you
fly with Cimber Air to your destination and at the airport a car will be
waiting for you. The package includes a roundtrip flight and a 24-hour car
rental (Group B) which includes free mileage, the first tank of petrol and
full insurance.

“Airlines continue to respond to corporate travelers’ needs for the
acceptance of UATP as well as the desire to lower credit card costs and
eliminate foreign exchange fees,” said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO,
UATP. “The UATP merchant base continues to grow because airlines, such as
Cimber, are responding the need to be more competitive by accepting UATP.”