Breaking Travel News is a Snap

Trip planning can be a challenge even for experienced travelers. There’s the hotel to choose, restaurants to line up, attractions to pencil in and, of course, finding a flight and rental car. Now, there’s a new Web site called that makes travel planning a snap.Pre-trip travel intelligence has become an important asset for consumers, particularly for those who buy their travel directly through the Internet. Travel booking engines on the Web typically are limited to facilitating a transaction. MYTravelGuide is focused on providing the kind of in-depth, unbiased information people need before booking their trips. The site is full of valuable intelligence on all aspects of a trip, including thousands of hotel and restaurant reviews and descriptions from tourists and travel pros, city guides, destination-specific articles, maps and links to Internet-based travel reservation services.

In its initial launch phase, MYTravelGuide already is rich in content with information on over 450,000 restaurants, 90,000 attractions, 60,000 hotels and 30,000 cities. In its first few months, the new MYTravelGuide has grown to more than 100,000 visitors a day.

First-time visitors to MyTravelGuide will notice several key differences from other travel research sites. MyTravelGuide combines guest reviews and ratings with industry leading content from proven travel experts like Mobil Travel Guide and WCities. In addition, MyTravelGuide is international in scope with reviews and information coming from tourists who live in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and other countries throughout the world. Over the coming year, MyTravelGuide will continue to add new collaborative features and functionality that will enhance the overall trip planning process for consumers.

“MYTravelGuide’s mission is to provide an information-rich, unbiased environment where travelers and travel pros can share their knowledge and experience,” said General Manager Matt Solomon. “The end result is a better-informed consumer who is about to take a much more enjoyable and rewarding trip.”