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CHTIC-9 Paved the Way for More Investment in Caribbean Tourism

The recently held 9th Caribbean Hotel Tourism Investment Conference (CHTIC) in Barbados has set the platform for a major investment boom in Caribbean tourism, stressed Bethia Parle, President of the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA).
According to a news dispatch by the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), Ms Parle extolled the attendance and participation at the three-day conference last week as one of the best, with the association registering a record participation of companies and delegates.

Just over 400 delegates from all over the world met at the Sherbourne Conference Centre in Barbados for the conference, which is mainly organized by CHA.

It showed, she said, that the Caribbean had become one of the hot spots for investments in the world.

Investors at the conference came from as far away as Switzerland, Malta, the Philippines, Germany and Spain. Also present were delegations from the European Union and the World Bank.

“This shows a level of renewed interest in the Caribbean - a lot of these people were here to finalise deals during the record 200 appointments held over the three days, and look at new properties. It is clear that the Caribbean is a hot spot at the moment,” she said.


The CHA President called for fostering the human resource development and the training to ensure the sustainability of these projects and programs, so that the Caribbean be able to sustain this level of interest.

From the pages of the Latin American News Agency.