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Escapia OwnerWeb Empowers Owners

Escapia, developers of the most
technologically advanced, web-based software in the fast growing vacation
rental management market, today announced the release of OwnerWeb, an
optional superset of the Escapia Vacation Rental Software Suite that
provides vacation rental owners a secure, real-time website where they can
reserve their own properties and view accounting statements published by
their vacation rental management firm. George Volsky, industry veteran, attorney, former vacation rental manager,
and now director of Escapia Research, sees significant advantages for both
owners and management companies. “OwnerWeb gives property owners the
information they want, when they want it,” said Mr. Volsky. “It empowers
them with a sense of involvement and ties them to the vacation rental
manager like never before. Escapia OwnerWeb cements the owner/manager
relationship and is one of the unique tools that vacation rental companies
can use to leverage the rent-by-owner trend.”

Escapia OwnerWeb allows property owners to view a 12-month availability
calendar and easily book a reservation for any of their properties. Upon
doing so, the owner reservation is immediately updated on the management
company’s Reservation Grid of the Escapia Vacation Rental Software.

Management companies can publish individual accounting statements to
OwnerWeb, thus eliminating the need to email or mail statements to the
owners. Management companies can also communicate with all their owners
using a free- form text area on the OwnerWeb home page. Owners can then
view their statements and information on OwnerWeb at their convenience.

OwnerWeb is available immediately and costs just a few dollars per month
per owner.