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LodgeNet Plan to Deliver HDTV

LodgeNet Entertainment
and LG
Electronics USA today
announced achievements culminating in the lodging industry’s most complete
and cost-effective high-definition television solution for hotel
guest rooms. “With a growing number of hotels investing in flat panel and other HD-
capable TVs, we want to help hoteliers ‘WOW’ their guests and maximize the
return on their digital TV investment,” said Scott C. Petersen, President
and CEO for LodgeNet. “A successful HDTV migration entails much more than
just buying a display device. In fact, hoteliers will be greatly
disappointed unless they purchase a solution that can deliver the complete
spectrum of broadcast, satellite and video-on-demand content, wrapped in
an easy to use guest interface and backed by a nationwide service and
support organization.”

The first-of-its-kind HDTV solution utilizes Pro:Idiom(TM), a premium
content protection technology that ensures robust security for satellite-
delivered and video-on-demand content adhering to the Advanced Television
Systems Committee (ATSC) digital transport standards.

“Content owners and providers are very concerned about protecting their
programming against piracy or alteration,” explained Richard Lewis, Senior
Vice President for LG Electronics USA. “Our Pro:Idiom technology,
integrated with LodgeNet’s conditional access system, maintains the
integrity of digital content at every point in the distribution chain,
giving programmers confidence that their content will be well protected.
As a result, this solution can deliver the widest array of HD content
available, all accessible with a single remote control.” Lewis added that
Pro:Idiom technology will be licensed to commercial TV manufacturers and
lodging video-on-demand providers on a non-discriminatory, non-royalty

Petersen added that the Pro:Idiom content protection technology has been
instrumental in facilitating negotiations between LodgeNet and the
providers of premium high-definition entertainment. “By adding satellite
and video-on- demand offerings to the high-definition programming from
local networks, we will be offering guests the broadest range of
high-definition content available through any in-room entertainment
system,” he said.

The LodgeNet/LG HDTV solution also considers the impact of the display
hardware on the in-room experience. “The emergence of flat panel plasma
and LCD screens is causing hoteliers to re-examine where the TV ‘fits’ in
the guest room, conceptually and logistically,” said Lewis. “LG and
LodgeNet have developed an innovative ‘boxless’ platform that incorporates
the digital tuning and video-on-demand system components into the cleanest
possible in- room presentation.”


Petersen noted that LodgeNet and LG are also engaged with leaders in guest
room audio, furniture design and financing in a holistic approach to
helping hoteliers migrate their properties to HDTV. “There are a lot of
factors to consider when making the move to HDTV,” he said. “Our goal is
to cover as many bases as possible so our customers don’t have to.”