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Travel Search Engine Unveiled

Adprecision has launched its new Search Engine Marketing service to the travel industry.Adprecision ESP (Enhanced Search Performance) is designed to enable travel companies to advertise their entire inventory on Google and Overture by collecting product data from Travel companies’ reservation or marketing systems and converting the data to advertisements tailored specifically to Google Adwords and Overture.

To enhance conversion rates, advertisements can now hold time-sensitive information such as price and month of travel.

For the consumer, this means they can now type in more detailed searches into search engines and obtain much more relevant and accurate advertisements from travel companies.  For the Travel advertiser this means they can now offer specific products to the right customer at the right time in sponsored listings, thereby improving the quality of clicks to their website and raising their marketing ROI.

According to Alasdair Cross, commercial Director of Adprecision, “Online travel searching is growing quickly. The latest Doubleclick* research shows that 75% of travel buyers consult a search engine before making a purchase. Our system helps travel companies to refine and improve the quality and quantity of clicks coming from search engines.”

Adprecision works closely with Google Adwords and Overture to ensure ads are posted in a timely fashion, with frequent, fast refreshes of travel product information.