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New York anticipates annual CTO Caribbean Week

Another spectacular display of the Caribbean’s culture, including cuisine, is being planned for Caribbean Week 2005, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) annual weeklong series of consumer focused events and business meetings in New York.

ÊFrom the celebration of the region’s diverse spiritual heritage to the hosting of the exquisite and glitzy Governments of the Caribbean State Ball, thousands of New Yorkers and visitors to the five boroughs will get a feel of what the Caribbean is really like during the May 29 - June 4 events.

“Caribbean Week 2005 brings a true taste of our region’s vivacious flavors, rhythms and culture to the city that never sleeps,” said Hugh Riley, CTO’s director of marketing for the Americas. “We welcome New Yorkers and tourists alike, anticipating a fantastic series of events, most of which are easily accessible and complimentary to the public.”

The week begins with the traditional interfaith celebration on Sunday, May 29, a gathering of member countries, Caribbean friends and colleagues who will share, give thanks and rejoice in a true Caribbean manner.