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Bonaire is the place to dive in the Caribbean

If you want to dive then dive into Bonaire. Scuba Diving Magazine Readers named travel destination Bonaire as 2005’s Top Caribbean Dive Destination, making it a 3 time winner after receiving the same honour in both 2003 and 2004.
The Reader’s Choice Awards were announced in the magazine’s January/February issue with Bonaire also taking home top honors for Top Marine Life, Top Shore Diving, Top Snorkeling, Top Destination for Underwater Photography, and Top Beginner Diving.

Editor of Scuba Diving, Buck Butler says that for this issue of the magazine, the readers acted as the reporters, going out and making observations first-hand and then sharing their accounts with other diving enthusiasts.

Readers, ranging in the thousands as both subscribers and non-subscribers, rated their experiences at various diving destinations from one to five, giving other divers an idea of what to expect when visiting a particular dive destination.

It is probably no surprise that Bonaire, located just 50 miles north of Venezuela and about 85 miles east of Aruba rates so highly with visitors. The island is ideally situated surrounded by prime diving spots, a warm average temperature of 82 degrees, and average water temperature of 81 degrees.

Bonaire, since 1971, has taken a strong stand to protect its off-shore underwater world by designating its surrounding waters as a marine park. It introduced a ban on spear fishing and on the touching or collecting of corals, and has steadily added reef-protective mooring buoys, which eliminate the risk of boats throwing damaging anchors onto the fragile reefs.