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Caribbean is perfect for the luxury seeking American

Today, U.S. travellers, who are short on time and extremely travel savvy, seek both the atmosphere of an exotic location and the convenience of a luxury holiday that doesn’t require them to travel half way around the world. Iberostar’s 15, all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, including the seven nestled safely in Mexico’s breathtaking Yucatan Peninsula and Cozumel, plus the five Iberostar resorts on the beautiful Dominican Republic Caribbean island provide guests with the perfect get-away.Time-challenged couples, parents, and singles are definitely searching for “hassle-free” travel, close to the U.S mainland. Parents are perhaps the most pressed for time and money. They’re eager to take advantage of relatively easy, brief trips and economical benefits of the all-inclusive holiday packages that Iberostar offers.

With an average flight time of just 3 - 4 hours from many major U.S gateway cities to Mexico’s Yucatan and only 5 - 6 hours to the Dominican Republic, Iberostar’s resorts provide parents the perfect combination of convenience and allure. Once they arrive, adults may enjoy the romantic settings while the children are entertained by Lucy’s Mini-Clubs, partaking of supervised fun and games from morning to night.

Today, holiday makers who once sought to experience high standards of luxury in distant regions of the world, appreciate finding both comfort and excitement close to home. Guests of Iberostar resorts are welcomed by a friendly, bilingual staff and the sight of breathtakingly beautiful beachside resorts, each of unique, individual design and all beautifully integrated into the natural surroundings.

No matter the length of their stay, the endless amenities and the varied surroundings offered will provide them a welcome respite from work and home.

Besides the enchanting, inviting beaches of the Caribbean, adventure-seeking guests can find steamy jungles and mystical highlands, all within close proximity to Iberostar resorts.


John Long, Sales and Marketing Manager for Iberostar Hotels & Resorts Caribe, proffers:

“We’ve found our guests to be so pleased by the variety of activities, whether on land or at sea, and also the availability of exciting excursions, that they’re never bored. For added reassurance we place an emphasis on both safety and fun.”

A few of the numerous activities Iberostar offers are snorkeling, sailing, diving, bicycling, kayaking and windsurfing. Nightly entertainment, including bands and dancing keep couples and singles on their feet, into the wee hours of the morning.

Discriminating diners will find that they won’t have to go to the far ends of the earth to experience a world of exotic dining options that will please any palate. In Mexico alone, Iberostar’s repertoire of restaurants includes an unprecedented number of 25 fine dining establishments.

Iberostar’s specialty restaurants take the guests on a “trip around the world,” with a variety of cuisine that includes Japanese, Italian, Creole, and traditional Mexican. In the Dominican Republic, Iberostar’s restaurants offer Tropical, Oriental, Brazilian, gourmet and even an American-style Steak House. Guests may also be entertained by “Show Cooking,” a highlight at many of Iberostar’s resorts.