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Travel Incorporated Receives "Best New Supplier" Award

Travel Incorporated recently received the “Rookie of the Year - Best New Supplier” Award by AutoNation, I which annually recognizes suppliers who have excelled in service.“Travel Incorporated had a tough task,” said Laura Payne, Director of Purchasing, of AutoNation. “They had to unseat a company with whom we had an exclusive arrangement since the inception of AutoNation.Ê Travel Incorporated pursued with professionalism and was ultimately signed as the exclusive travel management company for AutoNation.”

“Their service is proving to be exemplary and their enthusiasm passionate at all levels. Our travelers have confidence that they are getting the most direct routes at the lowest prices,” said Payne.Ê “Travel Incorporated has been incredible about the reporting data that they produce.”

Mike Brown, President of Travel Incorporated, said, “We realized that we had to optimize the traveler’s time, while being sensitive to the trade-off between time and cost.Ê We were confident that we could be instrumental in increasing AutoNation’s online adoption, while continuing to provide the outstanding service for which Travel Incorporated is known.”