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International agencies continue relief efforts to Guyana

Counterpart International in collaboration with the Guyana Embassy in Washington, D.C., the Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF) and Humanity First USA has helped deliver three containers of medical
supplies, valued at US$700,000, to those affected by the recent floods in Guyana.
Guyana’s Ambassador to the United States and Organization of American States (OAS), His Excellency Bayney Karran, met with Counterpart President and CEO Lelei LeLaulu to discuss potential collaborative efforts while Counterpart representatives met with the Guyanese Diaspora to discuss relief effort strategies.

As a result, Humanity First, a relief and development organization with medical relief camps already established in Guyana, pitched in more than $11,000 to cover the shipping costs of the three containers to Guyana. Executive Director, Munum Naeem, said that the shipment will further the efforts of Humanity First’s team of physicians providing medical treatment to flood victims in the region.

PADF, which works closely with the OAS to provide humanitarian aid to Latin American and Caribbean countries, generously gave $8,750 to purchase the three containers of supplies.

With the resources from these relief agencies, Counterpart coordinated the acquisition, transportation and delivery of much-needed medical supplies and leveraged the donations to get vastly increased amounts of them. The Guyana Civil Defense Commission has been tasked to distribute the contents of the containers to those still affected by the flooding in the low-lying parts of the country.

Counterpart International and members of Guyana’s Diaspora have been working together over the past several months to bring relief to the flood victims.


Irina Wunder, who helps manage Counterpart International’s Community Humanitarian and Assistance Programs, visited Georgetown recently and held meetings with the President, the Opposition Leader, the Ministry of Health, the Civil Defense Commission, CARICOM, diplomats, local Guyanese and international development organizations with a view to help coordinate short- to long-term development assistance to Guyana.