Breaking Travel News focuses on Bajan culture and people, the premier Web site of Barbados, launches a new “Bajan First” look and Brand for Barbados Tourism. In a major departure to the tradion of showing palm trees, beaches and tourists at play,’s new brand focuses on local character and the people of Barbados (Bajans).
The new look plays on the idea that Barbados is both naturally charming and sophisticated. With the words “DISCOVER,” “DREAM” and “ENJOY” the new Web site offers users a chance to do just that.

The Web site has a light touch with soft shades, and a carefree, dreamy feel. There are many images showing the natural charm of Barbados. Fishing boats, nature and Bajan people are prominent throughout the Web site. There is an entire section of pictures and stories about Bajan people, one of Barbados’ greatest tourism assets.

Elegant restaurants, fine hotels and great events, along with images of modern and historic architecture, merge the ideas of natural charm, heritage and sophistication.

“This is a beautiful site,” said Errol Griffith, past vice president of the Barbados Tourism Authority and now head of the project encouraging Barbados and the Caribbean to seek to become the No. 1 place in the world to live, work and visit.

“ has always been excellent. The new adds a phenomenal look and feel and a new emphasis on Bajan people and heritage. It is truly a site to be proud of.


Ian Clayton CEO of AXSES SCI, owners of, adds that the company has also registered the domain name as a marketing name for future marketing campaigns - now links to

“It is a powerful symbol of why visitors love Barbados and why they return,” said Clayton.

“Ultimately it is people that define a place and give it character. Bajan hospitality, character and charm are key to why Barbados has the highest rate of return visitors in the Caribbean.