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Singapore Airlines Launches New Online Service

Customers on Singapore Airlines flights in all classes, are now able to select their seats when they book their flights online. A customer who books and pays for his flight on the Singapore Airlines website
will now be able to select specific seats that are available at the time of booking.  To date, customers have been able to request an aisle or window seat. 

The convenience and ease of this online service is available for all flights operated by Singapore Airlines, except for those between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur where generic seat selection will continue to be available.

The enhancement of the online seat selection facility is in addition to the host of pre-flight services offered by Singapore Airlines. Customers can subscribe for flight alerts via email and SMS, informing them of check-in availability, flight departure and other important flight information, as well as being able to check-in online at

The suite of online services is part of the continuing efforts by Singapore Airlines to provide customers with the best pre-flight experience.