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Hyatt Corporation Implements Travelocity’s New Platform

today announced that it has established a seamless two-way connection with Hyatt Corporation’s central reservation system (CRS).Travelocity’s industry-leading net rate hotel program uses the latest advances in technology for its third generation solution, allowing for the most accurate, up-to-date booking information available.

With this new platform Hyatt Corporation now automatically “pushes” updated net rates and availability to Travelocity whenever there are modifications, thus eliminating the need for Travelocity to query or “cache” this information from Hyatt’s CRS. Hyatt brands using Travelocity’s third generation connectivity include Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Resort and Park Hyatt.

Travelocity’s third generation connectivity solution also was implemented with Carlson Hotels Worldwide in September 2004.

“We are proud to continue blazing the trail of the next generation of seamless connectivity between online travel agencies and hotels with Hyatt Corporation—an original member of the Travelocity net rate hotel program,” said Josh Feuerstein, vice president of hotels for Travelocity. “Travelocity was the first major online travel site to offer hotels the choice of using our fully automated two-way CRS cache platform or of managing rates in the Travelocity extranet. We have now taken our CRS connectivity to the next level with our third generation solution, and we are looking forward to introducing the rest of our hotel suppliers to this newest development.”

Third generation connectivity offers the most up-to-the-minute information on reservations to every party involved. Consumers view the most current rates and room availability, while hotels receive immediate confirmation of a reservation as it is automatically filed into their CRS.


“It’s important that our customers receive the most accurate, up-to-date booking information available whenever and wherever they shop our properties,” said Joan Lowell vice president electronic distribution for Hyatt Corporation. “We know a favorable booking experience is the first step in a successful hotel stay, and Travelocity has a great team to help us accomplish this task easily and efficiently.”