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SunSwept Resorts Acquires Jalousie Resort

SunSwept Resorts,
owners and operators of one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean, The
BodyHoliday at LeSport, has acquired Jalousie Resort & Spa from Hilton
International, in an agreement that will go into effect immediately,
although the transition between Hilton and SunSwept Resorts will take
effect May 31, 2005. Jalousie Resort & Spa will be the newest addition to
SunSwept Resorts’ unique assortment of fine properties. Jalousie Resort & Spa is located along the Caribbean coastline and set
between the beautiful Piton Mountains. Surrounded by beaches of white
sand, Jalousie includes 65 villas, 35 villa suites and 12 additional guest
rooms, and is conveniently located just minutes from the rainforest,
botanical gardens, and breath-taking natural waterfalls.

In addition to LeSport, and now Jalousie, SunSwept Resorts owns Rendezvous
—the world’s first boutique resort for couples, also in St. Lucia. The
Jalousie announcement comes just weeks after SunSwept Resorts was named
the management company for The Landings, Saint Lucia. The Landings,
exclusive waterfront residences situated on Pigeon Island expands SunSwept
Resort’s newly formed management program. SunSwept Resorts will also be
opening their new property, the five-star Plantation on Cotton Bay later
this year. The expansion of SunSwept’s interests in St. Lucia offers loyal
clientele and first-time guests alike more opportunities to experience the
ultimate luxury vacation. With a staff dedicated to ensuring the highest
level of client satisfaction, SunSwept Resorts are able to customize each
guest’s experience and cater to their every desire. It is the combination
of SunSwept Resorts’ exotic settings, extensive amenities, friendly staff,
and unsurpassed dedication to their clients that create the unique holiday
experience proven to keep guests coming back for more.

Upon acquisition, SunSwept Resorts will continue operating Jalousie as
normal, and will retain all existing staff. Renovations to Jalousie’s
existing villas and guestrooms are planned as well as an extension of The
BodyHoliday brand at LeSport. A center of well being will be created in
the natural spring gorge. In 2007, after the completion of the
renovations, Jalousie guests will experience this one of a kind multi
level rain forest spa fashioned with natural wood and glass, designed to
retain the essence of a rain forest.

Jalousie will offer an extraordinary range of facilities and activities,
but will not be all-inclusive.