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Redstone Sets the Standard for UK Airlines

Redstone Communications
today announces that four of the UK’s leading charter airline operators have selected its prepaid phonecards as the standard solution to help comply with the latest EU legislation on customer care, which has come into effect in February 2005.Every year over quarter of a million air passengers flying from the EU can face delays because of operational issues. The new directive will protect travellers by helping air travel companies to compensate affected passengers. Levels of compensation will vary depending on the length of delay, but will range from the cost of refreshments to ticket reimbursement.

As part of the EU package, passengers will be entitled to two free phone calls. Redstone’s prepaid delay cards allow airlines to budget for these phone calls, by pre-determining exactly how much the two calls will cost. The Redstone ‘delay card’ is flexible and offers a range of credit options, from fixed amounts to cards with top-up facilities. It can work in over 25 countries around the world and is a cost-effective method to provide discounted, long and short distance phone calls to airline passengers.ÊÊ

With over 85% of the market, and over ten years’ experience, Redstone is the UK’s biggest supplier of international prepaid phonecards to the travel sector. Its ‘delay card’ can be branded by the airline travel company in the design of its choice, and also used as a marketing tool to promote services, websites and special offers.

John Read, head of prepaid travel cards at Redstone Communications, said, “We are delighted that our prepaid phonecards have been recognised by the UK charter airlines as a reliable, high quality product. Redstone combines in-depth knowledge with practical, hands-on support for the airline and a reliable product for the passenger with English voice prompts, an English operator and crystal clear call quality. Based on our experience, we have developed the Redstone ‘delay’ card to help airlines contain the costs and administration of satisfying the EU’s compliance requirements.”

He added, “The current marketplace is plagued by phonecard suppliers that rip off customers with 50-second minutes or provide poor call quality. The fact that four of the UK’s airlines have turned to Redstone to provide delay cards demonstrates that we are the partner of choice.”


The new regulations will cover scheduled and non-scheduled flights, including air transport sold as part of a package holiday.