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Eurostar Selects Shepherd Systems’ Clarity

Shepherd Systems today announced that Eurostar, the international high speed train operator linking the UK with France and Belgium, has signed an agreement to implement Shepherd Systems’ industry leading Market Information Data Transfer (MIDT) solution.Clarity is an analysis application that provides detailed, accurate, timely, and affordable market intelligence that allows Eurostar to survey current competitors and recognize new market potential.Ê

Eurostar is the first customer that is not an airline to utilize Clarity’s leading market intelligence.ÊClarity provides Eurostar with access to specific data needed to plan and execute effectively and confidently in today’s marketplace.Ê The solution utilizes processed booking and market-share data extracted from the major Global Distribution Systems’ MIDT datasets, and displays the information in an array of customizable, intuitive and easy-to-understand query screens and reports, enabling even inexperienced users to realize the benefits of this powerful data set.Ê Since the solution is an on-line system, it can be accessed over the Web with any HTML browser anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for expensive hardware upgrades or implementation costs.

By monitoring trends and future projections, Clarity can help Eurostar identify new revenue opportunities, increase profit from existing markets, create market share goals for key markets in travel agent incentive programs, and identify agents most likely to book Eurostar routes.Ê This technology can virtually transform a sales environment, delivering maximum benefits for headquarters and regional sales management, as well as field sales organizations and network departments.Ê With the ability to influence all of these aspects of the business, Clarity is a proven, extremely cost-effective tool.Ê

“We at Eurostar look forward to leveraging the market intelligence that Clarity provides,” said Pascal Moyon, Head of Distribution and Planning, Eurostar.Ê “Clarity’s detailed reporting capabilities will enable Eurostar to better understand current and future market conditions and create a focused sales environment.”Ê

“Shepherd Systems specifically designed Clarity to meet the needs of the ever-changing travel industry,” said Flo Lugli, senior vice president of Airline Solutions for Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services and general manager, Shepherd Systems. “As our first customer outside the airline industry, Eurostar has demonstrated its own great vision by selecting Clarity.Ê The product will aid Eurostar in maintaining a competitive advantage.”